Worm Composting In Small Containers by Larry Feltz

I have successfully kept earthworms as a source of protein for my tropical fish and for composting since 2001. I keep my wood bin (43 x 15 x 18 inches) in the cellar in cold months and in the back yard in summer. I recently had an inquiry from Japan about my methods. The question was whether worms could be kept for composting on a smaller scale. My answer is yes.

In order to compost with worms you need to have a source for the worms. Please see parts one and two of my previous writing Worms on the Move. for possible sources of worms. You may also want to do some further background reading. Again I refer you back to my previous article for links and a list of sources. I have helped others set up composting with worms in a small container. Below is a photo of a plastic recycle bin successfully used in the past.

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