I finally have a brine shrimp hatchery that is neat, clean, and effective

by Michael Marcotrigiano (first published in IFGA Bulletin, September '08)

There are many ways to skin a cat (what an awful expression!) - in this case many ways to hatch brine shrimp. I've seen everything from expensive giant glass funnels, to soft bags, to soda bottles with their bottoms cut off. Most of these must work fine or no one would use them, but I find them to be messy or hard to clean. Some cause salt spray to get on everything. The system I describe is "closed", neat, effective, and gives me great hatch rates with little to no shells at harvest time.

The entire setup is pictured below these first two images. I will describe it part by part. It begins with adapting the container, which is simply an empty washed 46 oz. V-8 juice bottle.

Fig. 1. A 46 once V-8 bottle and some of my reds (hey, I had space here so why not throw in an image of my fish.

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