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Articles written by NEFGA members
All rights reserved. Do not reprint any parts of these articles or their images without express written consent of the author.

Worms on the Move by Larry Feltz
Worms in small containers by Larry Feltz
How to sort the worms? by Larry Feltz
Too many guppies for too long by Michael Marcotrigiano
Brine Shrimp hatching system by Michael Marcotrigiano
Some tips for split tails by E.T. Mellor
Cheap Tricks: Food Storage Solutions by Michael Marcotrigiano
The Larry Feltz Siphon (How does it work?) by Larry Feltz
Cheap Tricks: The Bump and Grind by Michael Marcotrigiano
Cheap Tricks: Yes, Duct Tape by Michael Marcotrigiano
The Hinkelman Cup by Michael Marcotrigiano

Links with Educational Value
Microworms and Vinegar eels
Microworm cultures
Decapsulating Brine Shrimp Eggs
Fish Parasites (great web page)
Making a Mini Box Filter
Brine Shrimp Ecology
Old Midge Hill Guppy Articles Link
(may be dated but still has great info)


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