Hygeine (more to come)

The spreading of disease or parasites can quickly make a fun hobby into a frustrating time-consuming chore. Breaking down tanks and starting over is no fun especially if you lose you best line. Keeping tanks relatively clean is achieved largely with filtration and you can refer to that section to learn more about it.

Even well cared for tanks sometimes have issues. One way to prevent the problem from spreading is to avoid using nets or containers that were in a problem tank in other tanks. When a tank has to be restarted because disease or parasite issues reach a point of no return it is wise to disinfest things before starting over. The tank, nets, specimen containers, filter boxes, etc. can be soaked in a dilute bleach solution (2 cups of commercial bleach in a 10 gallon overnight will do it). Sponge filters decompose in bleach so one method is to buy an old pot and reserve it for boiling items (when no one is looking!). Ceramic, sponges, etc. boiled for 15 minutes should be sterile.

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