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IFGA sanctioned shows have color and shape classes in which fish are shown. We list the classes here and if if available we show pictures of fish that fit the class. Images are not always NEFGA fish. After viewing a fish image hit back button to return to this page. All images are copyrighted NEFGA. Do not use without permission.

- IFGA Show Classes -

Delta Single (1 male) and Tank Classes (pair of matched males)

Red (pic 1) (pic 2) (videoMM1) (VideoMM2)
Green (pic1)
Black (pic 1) (videoMM1)
HB Red (videoMM1)
HB Blue (pic1)
HB Green (pic1)
HB Pastel (pic1)
(pic2) (pic3)
HB Yellow (VideoG&T1) (VideoLin)
HB Purple
Red Bicolor
Blue/Green Bicolor
AOC Bicolor
Snakeskin Solid
Snakeskin Variegated
Red Albino (pic1)
AOC Albino (videoMM1) (videoMM2)
Bronze (pic 1)

Swordtail/Veil Classes

All Veil
Novice Veil/Sword
Junior Veil/Sword
Single Sword and Tank
Double Sword and Tank (pic 1)

Breeder Classes (matched fish belonging to one of the classes above)

Breeder Male (5 matched males)
Breeder Female
(3 matched females)

Female Classes (1 fish)

Red Female
Blue/Green Female
Black Female
AOC Female
H/B AOC Female
Gold Female
Bronze Female
H/B Red Female
Albino Female

The page had its last update March 20, 2014