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There are many great videos on the web relating to guppies. Linked below are a few that the NEFGA has found very interesting! Check out our "IFGA class pics/videos" page for videos of IFGA class guppies.

Obituary for Cory Fry, Guppy Breeder (4:44 minutes) Created by Michael Marcotrigiano, it is a cartoon video featuring a humerous obituary about an extreme guppy breeder. Littered with numerous guppy breeding terminology!

Grindal worm eating frenzy by show guppies (0:07) While its only 7 seconds long, Michael Marcotrigiano's own fish room video shows active beautiful young IFGA quality guppies frantically seeking and eating live grindal worms. Great demonstration of the value of live foods!

How Guppies are Born (8:40) A humorous look at "Big Mama" guppy giving birth to over 40 baby fish. Educational, Funny & Amazing! Commentary isn't very scientific but the photography is very interesting and enlightening! Over 2 million hits on YouTube

How Guppies are Born 2 (1:18) Quicker musical version to the above by the same producer but with NO commentary. Nice photography though!

Have you seen a great video on the web or made one yourself that you think should be linked on this site, then share your thoughts and video with the webmaster for posting consideration.

The page had its last update February 20, 2016