Fish For Kids

     One key project of the NEFGA is the "Fish for Kids" program that supports several local schools. Luther Burbank Middle School, Perkins School and Chocksett Middle School are all supported with free fish each month from NEFGA members. Schools and students are encouraged to raise catfish, ramshorn snails, dwarf Ancistrus (pleco), and red cherry shrimp in addition to guppies.

Club members obtain fish from award winning breeders belonging to the NEFGA. While most of the fish go to office and classroom tanks in the school, students, staff and parents are encouraged to take fish home. Another goal of the club is to have students enter their fish in international competitions several of which have even been held in New England at one of the schools thanks to the school's administration. The main hope however, is that all the students will gain a love and appreciation for the science involved in this wonderful hobby AND that it will become a life long interest.

With the support of the NEFGA members and the local community, litterally, hundreds of students have set up donated aquariums. Over the past 10 years, over 200 tanks have been donated, setup and enjoyed in homes, classrooms and school offices. Its hard to keep accurate track of how many fish have been donated to the project up it is estimated to be around 30,00.

                                                 Aquarium Home Loan Program 

Greg Billings, retired science teacher, is again managing the "Aquarium Home loan Program". This program seeks donations of aquariums and their needed components (filters, heaters, thermometers, etc.) so that students and classrooms can try this wonderful science based hobby of raising tropical fish without making a huge investment. Do you have an aquarium or the needed supplies sitting in your cellar collecting dust?

To donate or learn more please contact - Greg Billings HERE

Consider donating fish, tanks, or equipment? Please contact Mr.  Greg Billings
Consider donating fish, tanks, or equipment? Please contact Mr. Greg Billings