Membership in the New England Fancy Guppy Association(NEFGA)

Members Benefits and Meeting Description

Any other inquiries please email Michael Marcotrigiano by CLICKING HERE 

Monthly meetings are hosted at different member's homes. (hosts are reimbursed $50.00 for the first 10 people, and $5.00 per person over that.)Meetings are held on Sundays (with a few exceptions see Calendar) and begin at 1pm sharp until about 4pm. Plan to arrive a little earlier. 

Meetings consist of club business, fish talk, a bowl show where breeder’s fish are highlighted, a meal prepared by the host member, an auction, fish trading, and the sale of any related goods. We also have a library of guppy books from which you can borrow.

With membership you also get an electronic copy of the Guppy Gazette, our club newsletter filled with interesting information.

You're encouraged to participate and assist in setting up an IFGA competition hosted annually. This is a opportunity to see show guppies from many of the IFGA clubs as they compete for top results. Entry numbers range from 300 to 600!

Membership Cost

Membership is just $25.00 for New England residents and lasts exactly 1 year from the month it started. To avoid a laps in membership, renewals must be paid in the same month as you initially joined. Membership dues are used to support the clubs many activities.

Membership dues are only $10 annually for members living outside of New England and not attending our meetings. The Guppy Gazette is included to these members as well.

How to Join

1) Make a personal check out to N.E.F.G.A ($25.00 for New Englanders,

$10.00 outside New England)

2) Send the check and membership form to:


33 Young Ave.

Norton, MA 02766

Alternatively, you can come to a meeting and pay in person.

For more information or to attend a meeting  please email Michael Marcotrigiano by CLICKING HERE 

Club President E.T. Mellor and Membership Coordinator Michael Marcotrigiano

Club President E.T. Mellor and Membership Coordinator Michael Marcotrigiano

NEFGA Membership Form

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New England Fancy Guppy Association

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